The inland port has its allure.

Utah, known for its iconic scenery, would be a national and international transportation hub. The port could provide many jobs, a few possibly well-paid ones. With the expected population growth for Utah, it will stay ahead of future employment needs.

Unfortunately, it will also add more pollution, increased truck and commuter traffic, housing shortages, water contamination, disruptions in the flight path of many bird species, noise and light pollution. It will draw on a labor force already struggling to meet current demands.

Until we begin to put our health and wellness before economic gains, the battle of the port will continue. Though those in power say our health and well-being are important, they’d rather make money. Economic development is necessary, but the developers need to meet with the great minds in Utah in order to create an economically feasible and environmentally sustainable plan good for all. It is only with discussion, that a vision for the future should be made.

Make Utah a hub of innovation, of environmental practices that walk the talk, and a state that honors its people and the beautiful natural resources we have been blessed with.

Patricia Becnel, Salt Lake City