Letter: Will we correct the evils of the Trump era?

(Susan Walsh | AP) President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Lexington, Ky., on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019.

It’s truth time: Thanks to our heavily mythologized democratic process, along with our gullibility in accepting the authority of a treasonous, internationalizing autocratic windbag in the Oval Office, Americans have allowed ourselves to be slimed into a corner in which our Treasury is being extorted ferociously, foreign dictators are dictating the terms of that democratic process, and domestic experts are being dismissed as though they were street-mob operatives working “drug deals” in back alleys.

By the easy manipulation of a silly voting public, we have inflicted on ourselves this age of Donald Trump and his exponentially avaricious family.

The thoughtful among us generally hate the Trumps’ pervasive hating. We decry their disdain for scientific inquiry and place-based scientific wisdom. We insist on rejection of their ignorance as a perpetual, acceptable condition. And we refuse to tolerate intolerance of people with different skin, different religious symbols, different economic models for cities and public lands, different ways of expressing themselves, or virtually any other differences from some imagined “norm” we have created through ubiquitous, superficial social media technology.

We could figure this out, and reverse the pervasiveness of damage being done — but will we? Will we correct the evils of the Trump era in time to save the Constitution, that most sacred of political canons? Probabilities are not good.


Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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