Letter: ‘Trunk or treat’ has ruined Halloween

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo) Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert handed out reflective totes to children in their Halloween costumes at Maceys grocery store and lead them around the store for trick or treating, Oct. 24, 2019 to ramp up child safety awareness this Halloween.

Halloween is here and, if this year is like the last few years, there won’t be a lot of trick or treating. Those bright young faces, many venturing out for the first time to meet neighbors and get some candy. A pleasure as much for the giver as the receiver. It teaches the young and renews an unwritten bound that is neighborhood.

However a new tradition has taken its place, trunk or treat. It has taken all the trick or treaters from the neighborhood and left me holding the bag.

It is also imparting a bad message. Nothing says fear thy neighbor like trunk or treat. Nothing says lazy and clannish like trunk or treat. Fearful of the other. Them. Those people.

This generation of parents needs have the courage to go on a walk with their kids and meet their neighbors. We miss those cute little skitters.

Jim Foland, Farmington

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