I can’t believe I am about to type this next sentence. Donald Trump got it right.

I don’t care much for the current POTUS. This newspaper’s editorials and letters to the editor have all documented his behaviors, so I won’t use this space to go into what’s wrong with the man.

I will, however, give him credit when credit is due. He pulled our troops and our continued financial assistance out of the Syrian conflict. He basically said, “It’s not our problem, let them sort it out without us.”

The left is about to lose their collective minds over this action. “We are abandoning the Kurds, there is going to be a slaughter, they fought for us, etc…”

My response is “So?” These people have been fighting each other for centuries. We are not the world’s policemen. That is the role of the United Nations. Not one U.S. soldier should be sacrificed trying to keep peace in a region that has never known peace.

I am an ex-military officer, so I get the whole war thing better than most. This country should only fight wars that is has to fight: when we are invaded or our greater interests are at stake.

What interests do we need to protect in this part of the world? None, or none that requires the life of a United States soldier.

I shake my head as I wonder what would the left's and the right’s response would have been had Barack Obama had done this same action. Their roles would have been completely reversed.

As to why our military gets involved in other conflicts around the world, it has to do with the vast military complex, but that is another letter to the editor for another time.

David T. Lancaster, Murray