Sen. Romney, your country needs you now more than ever.

Although I live in the Washington, D.C., area, I was born and raised in Utah and return regularly to visit friends and family. I love my home state very much.

I was in Utah during the 2002 Olympics and was so grateful, as were many of my fellow Utahns, for your steady, inspired leadership. It was a difficult time for the state and you were exactly what we needed to move forward. I’m asking you to lead your fellow Republicans out of this very difficult, dangerous and scandal-ridden time.

Our shared faith tradition teaches us to obey, honor and sustain the law. It also teaches us to believe in being honest, virtuous and in doing good to all. And while I appreciate your recent statements, I would implore you to take necessary action given the magnitude of what has transpired which will, no doubt, only get worse.

During Sen. Bob Bennett’s final days, not only did he speak out against the xenophobic rhetoric of candidate Trump, he took immediate action to reverse the damage. I’m asking you to take action to reverse the tremendous damage being done to our democracy before it’s too late.

Jjana Valentiner, Alexandria, Va.