I am transgender. But I am not confused about my gender identity.

I am eternal. I was created intentionally the way that I am, and I was created this way for a wise and glorious purpose. Christ has carried me through the agony of not knowing who I was, and He rejoices that I have that clarity of my being now.

He rejoices that since having top surgery 82 days ago, I have suffered from depression for only three of those days.

President Oaks, I’ve had suicidal ideation and major depressive disorder for 28 years — since I was 5. This is the first time in my life I have ever felt at peace with myself. I am not experiencing confusion. I am marveling at a clarity deeper and more pure than anything I’ve ever felt.

I pray that someday you can feel that same clarity. I pray that someday you will understand that those of us who exist outside of the gender binary are not confused. We are made this way by divine design.

President Oaks, we stand outside the door to the Church and knock. Will you let us in? Or will you have us wait outside in the harsh elements until Christ returns and opens the door for us?

Your sibling in Christ,

Kris Irvin, Bluffdale