I had the privilege this past weekend of marching behind more than 2,000 climate change activists who converged on Utah’s Capitol, seeking immediate action on climate change.

Most of these protesters were high school age, but they were supported by people of all ages gathered together to demand that our elected officials act now to address climate change. It was thrilling to be among these leaders who are so passionate about saving our planet from catastrophic global warming.

While some may choose to dismiss climate revolutionaries as too young, it is worth noting that young activists have often been the catalyst for societal change throughout history. Many leaders of the American Revolution were teenagers. Seventeen-year-old Alexander Hamilton wrote influential pamphlets for the Continental Congress. James Monroe and the Marquis de Lafayette were just 19 years old in 1776. John Trumbull, Aaron Burr, John Marshall and Nathan Hale were all 21 or younger when they fought for the idea of a free America.

It will take people of ages working together to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels (including automobile emissions) and methane emissions from the agricultural industry.

This baby boomer is proud to work and fight along side these young climate activists. They are not the leaders of tomorrow, they join the leaders of today.

Alice Aeschbacher, Salt Lake City