While visiting Utah from Oregon, I saw an article in the Sept. 6 Salt Lake Tribune.

Once again the Bureau of Land Management, at the behest of the Trump administration, is plowing through with an unevaluated, destructive plan with the oil and gas leasing recently awarded in San Juan County.

Even many conservative organizations view this action as reckless. The area is covered with many unexplored and likely undiscovered cultural sites. To simply say there will be “no adverse effect” is not only unknown to be true, but totally irresponsible. If history is any example, it is likely false as well.

The law requires an environmental assessment before such industrial activity can take place. With the fox guarding the hen house, all legal requirements have been skipped over in this rush for Trump’s "energy dominance."

History is littered with examples of domination showing “winners” and “losers.” I ask who, other than the oil companies and their investors, would be winners? The list of losers is too long to list in this letter.

At a minimum, slow it down, follow the laws, listen to all affected parties and come to a rational, intelligent decision.

Bob Friedman, Lorane, Oregon