Letter: On climate change, Rep. John Curtis gets it

Recently Rep. John Curtis posted the following statement on Facebook: “Let me shock you. You ready? The climate is changing and man is influencing it.”

Thank you, Congressman Curtis!

How can we solve a serious and complicated problem like climate change unless we write and talk about it? We are all impacted by climate change; it shouldn’t be a political issue.

It will take leaders like John Curtis to get beyond politics and on to solutions. I was encouraged to see that most of the 111 comments on Facebook affirmed the congressman’s statement.

Constituents in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District are fortunate to have a representative who understands the scientific evidence, listens to his constituents and works for their best interest.

Last year, Curtis invited constituents to spend a day with him hiking to the peak of Timpanogos. This year we had his ear for most of a day in his Clean Air Tour. Constituents have also addressed him in more than 120 town hall meetings.

Let’s all join Curtis’ conversation about climate change and in doing so create healthy and safe communities now and in the future.

David Folland, Sandy

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