As a person of faith, I love supporting the Climate Strikers. The movement is grounded in the values we all claim to share: love, justice and compassion.

I strongly urge our elected officials to take urgent, meaningful action that reflects these values. Now is the time to start implementing real solutions to address the urgent threat of climate change.

If we truly love our neighbors, we need to cut carbon emissions, invest in green infrastructure and protect vulnerable communities that suffer the worst effects of climate change.

Transitioning to 100% renewable energy means providing resources to help workers shift into new green jobs. These folks are the backbone of our nation, and we must do them justice as we all move forward together.

We must work with farmers and ranchers to remove greenhouse gas emissions, and support local and regional food systems that can sustain farming families around the country.

As good stewards of the Earth, we must ensure that hazardous waste is cleaned up, and public lands and waters are protected. We must love and care for the natural world that sustains us. By healing the Earth, we will also heal ourselves.

Michael Bard, Salt Lake City