On Aug. 19, my grandchildren, along with thousands of others, went back to school.

My wife attended our grandchildren’s school, which is located in the Canyons School District. At that elementary school, the staff literally lays out the red carpet, along with the school mascot and music. Each student is high-fived and welcomed back to school.

Most students had a smiling face and were excited.

I attended my granddaughter’s first day in the Granite School District. That school always reminds me of boot camp. They are lined up and marched to their classes.

One young male teacher was marching his students around in a circle, telling them, “I demand strict silence.” The looks on the children’s faces was heartbreaking.

Come on, they are just kids and excited for a new school year.

This year the teachers received higher and equal pay along with other school districts.

Which school would you want your children/grandchildren attending?

Mike Wardle, Bluffdale