Letter: Romney sees the threat of climate change

Regarding The Salt Lake Tribune article “U.N. climate report: Change land use to avoid a hungry future.”

“We better hope it’s man-made, because if it’s not we’re in trouble.”

This quote is from Sen. Mitt Romney at a press conference in April. He also said, “There’s no question that we’re experiencing climate change and that humans are a significant contributor to that.”

Romney and other Republicans held a press conference to announce they’re developing a proposal using market-based approaches to address climate change. The proposal asks the federal government to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions while creating millions of high-wage jobs by investing in a sustainable infrastructure. It proposes a 10-year national mobilization to meet 100 percent of the nation’s power demand through renewable, zero-emission energy sources by 2030.

Republican Sens. Lindsay Graham, Cory Gardner and Steve Daines, at a press event in July, announced the formation of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus. Graham said, “President Trump should "admit that climate change is real and start figuring out ways to confront it.”

It seems that leading Republicans and Democrats have similar climate goals.

Please ask your congressmen to make solving climate change a bridge issue rather than a partisan issue.

Marc Peterson, Sandy

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