As you know, the Utah Transit Authority has ski service to Park City and Snowbasin, both resorts in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and to Sundance. These bus runs are in part subsidized by the resorts.

These areas are open year-round, and I believe UTA could offer limited service throughout the year. For example, Snowbird lodging runs all year and there are conferences and other activities year round. Snowbasin has activities year-round, as does Sundance, and Sundance has year-round lodging. Alta has homes.

Riding UTA greatly reduces our carbon footprint, and the resorts appreciate the bus because it means less problems associated with parking lots. Parking lots mean the resort has to have property insurance, and also means more traffic in the canyons.

I feel it is time we move into the 21st century.

Daniel Barker, Lakeland, Fla.