I am writing in protest of Pat Bagley’s cartoon of last Sunday, in which he depicted supporters of President Donald Trump leaning comfortably on a pig, which was lying in a pool of animal excrement labeled “racism.”

As someone who was born and raised on a tenant farm in Wisconsin, I believe that an apology is in order.

The pig is an animal of far more intelligence than it is credited with. Furthermore, every aspect of its body, from its bristles to its feet, has a use of humanity. Similarly, every farmer knows that animal excrement, which I spent my youth shoveling from barn gutters and hog pens, helps crops grow when liberally applied on a field.

In contrast, the verbal excrement which the president spreads upon his base grows nothing but discontent and division, and he lacks porcine versatility and pound-for-pound value.

In short, the president is not worth animal excrement, and his contributions pale in comparison to those of a pig, both of which to whom Bagley should apologize.

Richard Scharine, Salt Lake City