Trump’s do-nothing M.O. does seem to have taken on a pattern: Create a crisis, whip up the base, make a diversion (from our real problems), saber-rattle some, back down, claim victory (no matter what results), don’t apologize, then move on to the next issue.

Not sure it’s worked for: North Korea (no deal), Mexican tariffs (no tariffs), war with Iran (no crazy war yet), the census citizenship question (no question added), the border wall (no new wall built), etc., etc. It has, however, worked for much of his delusional base, as they seem to slurp-up the Kool-Aid.

Now that many sane folks are on to him, maybe he should change his M.O. and take on some real issues, and do some real good. An easy place to start may be the red-meat issue of climate change. It has affected all of us, even his base. If you consider, for example, the really red tornado and hurricane alley states.

In addition, he has an easy first step to get him going: supporting and signing the Energy Innovation Act (HR 763). It’s a made-in-America win, with many more logical actions to capitalize on, with his newfound momentum.

What say, Don-boy?

John Kennington, Cottonwood Heights