Years ago, our news arrived every evening, as we settled ourselves around the television and listened to Roger Mudd, Walter Cronkite or, perhaps, Huntley and Brinkley. And we trusted in what we heard and the photos that accompanied those words.

Now, with social media, umpteen channels, Twitter and the like, we are bombarded (if we choose so) with many opportunities to receive our news of the world, nation and localities.

I believe that the words/photos of these recent weeks are true and accurate. I am referring to the southern border. As words again, are flaunted, “We are better than this.”

We celebrated the founding of our country with an extravagant array of costly metal symbols of military might. Might those dollars have been better spent in ameliorating the disastrous situation at the border, a more-in-keeping visual of what the United States of America represents — or used to — to the world, the humanity of a great and caring nation?

Anne Stringham, Salt Lake City