Colonial Flag’s Paul Swenson thinks that those people who don’t buy his company’s “Betsy Ross” flag are “losers.” This is typical language from a Trump far-right extremist.

If Swenson did some research, he would have found that this version of the American flag is used by such white supremacist groups as the American Identity Movement and the Patriot Front, to name just a couple. Or maybe Swenson has done his research and supports these hate groups. Sad.

These white supremacist groups want to take America back to when it was ruled by white males and where slavery was practiced. The Betsy Ross flag was flown during those times. I can understand why any African American would be offended with this version of the American flag being celebrated.

It is disturbing that Swenson’s company wants to make a buck while pushing the agenda of white supremacists and insult Americans who don’t agree. Sounds just like the agenda of Donald Trump.

If Swenson must assign the label of “loser” to anyone, he should first look in the mirror and assign it to that person. Clearly there is no one more deserving.

Ryan Hinkins, Salt Lake City