Friends would be aghast that I might agree with conservative Utah legislator Dan McCay on anything. After hearing that he’s preparing a bill to prohibit all elective abortions, with no exceptions, I can agree with his standard on how to determine what is “the right thing to do.”

That is, he would look back from 25 years in the future and muse that, “He couldn’t believe that ‘we’ actually did (or didn’t do) ‘some action’ when we had the chance.” Twenty-five years from now, I might look back, when the earth is further overrun with people such that it’s overheated, the climate has turned calamitous and there is widespread climate migration, misery and food insecurity, and wonder why we didn’t do everything to mitigate our out-of-control population rise by giving families all options to correct mistakes, or prevent unwanted offspring, like family planning services, methods of contraception and, yes, opportunities for abortion, to stem our spiral into extinction.

The concept of “multiplying, being fruitful and replenishing the earth” may have been relevant when the earth had 1 billion people, but with the present 7.8 billion, it’s absolutely passé and we need to recognize, and act on that.

John Kennington, Cottonwood Heights