Letter: So, what is to be done about immigration?

(Ross D. Franklin | AP Photo) U.S. Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Yuma Sector, Anthony Porvaznik talks about their new 500-person tent facility during a media tour Friday, June 28, 2019, in Yuma, Ariz. The facility will be used to process detained immigrant children and families who cross the U.S. border. The Border Patrol says it will start placing families there on Friday night.

There were two columns in The Salt Lake Tribune Opinion section of June 23 about the treatment of migrants by ICE and the Border Patrol. I did not read one piece of constructive advice on how to improve it.

Neither ICE, the Border Patrol nor the U.S. Marshall Service were designed or equipped to house, feed and provide medical care in long term care for 144,000 people in May alone, tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors or the 1,000 people who showed up in El Paso in one day. The Hilton was booked.

In six months, the entire population of Wyoming shows up. Some hide medical problems for fear of being rejected. If they are released and cannot work, how do they provide housing and food?

Immigration reform was last addressed in 1986, with seven amnesties allowing millions to a path of citizenship. After 9/11, that stopped.

The conflict aids both political parties. They have no incentive to correct it. Compromise may never happen as only open borders with no restrictions will appease some of the folks supporting illegal immigration. I don't have the answers either.

Beverly M. Taylor, West Valley City

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