Every American, whether they voted for Donald Trump or not, should be ashamed of our electoral process. And be ashamed of themselves for allowing him to be elected.

Additionally, we should be ashamed of our senators and congressmen who continue to sit silently and allow POTUS to plow forward with wrong-headed and anti-American policies. Yes, anti-American. This country has spent the last 100 years developing a strategic foreign policy, and Trump is unraveling it on a daily basis.

Let’s name a few of his issues: lack of a coherent and cogent foreign policy. His upcoming meeting with Putin has no agenda. Why? Everyone should ask themselves. We should be talking about missile treaties and how to reduce global conflict and climate change. Instead they will be back-slapping and joking.

What is occurring on our southern border is a travesty. While Trump is not directly to blame for this problem, his policies are doing nothing but making it more egregious and wrong.

And let’s loop in Congress on this one. This issue has been developing for 10 or more years and nothing has been done. It is time to replace the spineless lot of them in 2020.

Kent C. Overly, Draper