When Donald Trump said Wednesday on an ABC TV interview that he would “accept” information about an opponent from a foreign government as he did in 2016 (which violates the Constitution), Mitt Romney said Thursday that it was “unthinkable” that someone would engage in this illegal activity.

In all his campaigns, Romney said he had never had one contact with a foreign government, and if he did, he would turn it over to the FBI immediately.

Trump’s campaign has had over 140 contacts with foreign governments (nearly all Russian) leading up to the 2016 election. This is unheard of.

Stewart said Friday on CNN that he, too, thinks it’s right to accept information about your opponent from a foreign government, and to look it over.

Where in the world are his principles? He clearly knows the law and yet sides with Trump, knowing full well it is illegal. But Trump will try it again in 2020, and Chris Stewart, woefully missing integrity, principles and patriotism, will support such an illegal activity.

I sure hope a Republican with principles and patriotism will run against Stewart in 2020.

Richard Bell, Fruit Heights