We need to stop funding the inland port and undo the mistakes of the prison boondoggle.

Public opposition was just as strong against the prison move. Public comment meetings for both projects were substantially against. And see the comments by readers of both the Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune following news of prison cost overruns. Comments included “I told you so;” “Vote the grafters out;” “The legislators who did this should be the first inmates;” and “As with the propositions, the legislators do whatever they want.”

State Sen. Jerry Stevenson said, “We’re way past the point of no return,” meaning more money will be requested, with potential costs running to well over a billion.

The prison project is half bid, so now is a great time to stop and go no further. Let's uncover any associated crimes and hold the criminals accountable. Let’s upgrade the old prison, just as the people preferred to begin with.

And for heaven’s sake, stop the port.

Jill Merritt, Salt Lake City