Many of our local leaders are creating bold changes to honor the commitments the United States made through the Paris Climate Agreement.

Currently, every city-owned building in Salt Lake City is scheduled to be on clean energy by 2020, and Salt Lake City’s goal is to be 100% renewable by 2030.

As a Salt Lake resident, I believe honoring these commitments creates a pathway to a better quality of life and future opportunities through legislative actions such as HR 9, the Climate Action Now Act.

The Climate Action Now Act creates policies to help meet our carbon pollution reduction goals through renewable energy, as well as hold polluters responsible for the waste they disperse into our environments.

We need leaders, such as Sen. Mitt Romney, to support the Climate Action Now Act. Sen. Mike Lee, instead of wasting his constituents’ time by presenting ridiculous cartoons, should spend his last days in office educating himself about climate change.

Join me in supporting a clean future for our children and future generations by contacting your senator and asking them to honor our commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement and to support the Climate Action Now Act.

Maurena Grossman, Salt Lake City