In these days of media reports about building a border wall, separating immigrant families, caravans of immigrants invading and tariffs to punish Mexico for allowing immigrants into the United States, it was refreshing to attend the Salt Lake City West High School graduation at the Huntsman Center.

Diversity was shown through speeches from many students from many ethnic groups and countries. To a person, they expressed love of this country after overcoming many hardships to settle in the United States and become citizens, with goals of helping to make this country greater than it already is.

They are thankful for the education and future this country has provided. Many of the speakers will continue their education at many different colleges, and they all showed leadership skills and promising futures.

It is a shame we are rejecting many immigrants at our borders who also have the potential to become good citizens, model students and future leaders.

West High School educators, administrators and the Salt Lake City School Board show strong evidence of doing something positive in the midst of the so-called immigrant problem.

Fred Bingman, Englewood, Fla.