Letter: LDS Church is equipped to grow medical marijuana

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City.

One of the businesses most equipped to grow medical marijuana in Utah would need a large system of farming and experience, a system of transportation, plenty of money to finance the venture and an honest business structure.

The one business that comes to mind is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have numerous farms throughout Utah. They have the capability to do this.

The fees attributed to the venture are pocket change for the church. Because it is now legal, there is no longer any stigma in the issue and no moral conundrum to worry about.

The Lord certainly would have no objection to his church relieving the pain and suffering of thousands of his children and, along the way, making buckets full of money for more of those special buildings that cost so much money to build and maintain.

This is a win-win situation that pious businessmen are always telling us about in those motivational speeches.

I see no down side to this idea. The church certainly has its fingers in the political landscape and can mold the laws to aid in better production.

I can see one of those major announcements from the Lord any time now. Not to do this would be a disservice to the community. They could be up and running within six months. This needs to happen.

Let’s get those thoughts and prayers going, folks. Perhaps with the profit from medical marijuana, the church’s tithing percentage could be dropped down to, say, 5%?

Robert Hawke, Lehi

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