Rep. Kim Coleman, R-West Jordan, might just be on to something with her desire to secede from Salt Lake County. Coleman is insisting on legislation that would give Salt Lake County communities a free channel to secede, create their own county and go their own way. Coleman proposed her legislation in this year’s session and her plan went down in defeat. Coleman is “frustrated.” Ms. Coleman is not alone in being frustrated.

Any new version of HB93 (as proposed by Coleman) should include the right of Salt Lake County to expel cities, communities, suburban congregations and any other collective that doesn’t quite fit in with the faith, values and community interests of Salt Lake County.

The seceding communities would be required by state law to reimburse Salt Lake County for any and all expenditures made for infrastructure improvements and any costs incurred by the county for election costs in any attempt at seceding from the county. It would seem that communities such as West Jordan, Riverton, Herriman and whatever city is born from the planned move of the state prison are frustrated and despair of having to live in Salt Lake County.

The United States of America has always had a very public face that shows American unity and support for diversity. Unity seems to have faded from public embrace during the reign of Trump. I find that sad and wholly un-American.

E Pluribus Unum: an old Latin phrase that somehow made itself enshrined on American money.

Don Nash, Salt Lake City