Letter: Trump is hurting America

President Donald Trump gives thumbs up as his motorcade arrives near Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Monday, April 15, 2019. Trump is heading to Minnesota to tout the 2017 tax law. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

We should be worried that Donald Trump is the president and has the support of most Republicans. Supporting Trump is a denial of America’s need to get along with the rest of the world. Isolationism did not work during either of the World Wars, nor will it work now in our ever-globalized world. Favoring Trump is a green light to racism, hate speech and verbal abuse.

A vote for Trump is telling the people who flee violence, poverty and disasters that their lives don’t matter, that their children can be taken from them, and they can be crammed into cages reminiscent of slave days. If you like Trump, you also don’t mind breathing dirty air and seeing our natural spaces encroached on by dirty fuel exploration. Evidently you don’t need health care, and don’t have any preexisting conditions jeopardized by his policies. You don’t mind your tax dollars going to the cost of lawsuits against the Trump administration (last count, 134), or mind a president who is a perpetual liar (average 15 a day), or spends most weekends at his resort. You must not care that America is losing its place as a world leader.

Patricia Becnel, Ogden

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