Enough! The “occupant” of the White House continues to attack an American war hero, Sen. John McCain, a decent man, deceased since Aug. 25, 2018. The occupant’s followers are in step, harassing his grieving family. How low can you get? Most Republicans do nothing to reign this lowlife in.

McCain was cruelly tortured while a captive in the “Hanoi Hilton.” Given a chance for freedom, he declined to leave his comrades. His serious injuries caused him pain for the rest of his life. The occupant states: “McCain was no hero because he was captured.” This gutless coward should shut his lying trap.

The occupant prefers to attack those that cannot defend themselves — how brave! A coward who didn’t serve when called because of “bone spurs.” He openly stated that going to Vietnam was “stupid.” The occupant has dragged down the good name and standing of the United States, preferring dictators and murderers as his “friends” while alienating our allies.

Maria Roberts, Park City