What moral lessons can be learned from Rep. Karianne Lisonbee’s efforts to gut the protections of House Bill 399, which would have protected LGBTQ youth from the dangers of conversion therapy — a practice considered unethical by nearly every major medical organization?

Purportedly, Lisonbee is now facing an “onslaught of vitriol” for her efforts, and has apologized to fellow House colleagues for any “tension” she brought them.

If only she could self-reflect, and bring herself to apologize to those LGBTQ children who will be subjected to conversion therapy in the future, and the dangers of self-degradation that it inflicts, including anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings and suicidal actions.

Imaginably, given her belief in its effectiveness, Lisonbee could subject her own children to conversion therapy, whereby their sexual orientation would be changed to homosexual. She could then authoritatively report to her colleagues on the benefits and harm caused by the therapy, and justly experience the discriminatory animus imposed on her children by religious prejudice and the Utah House of Representatives.

David Pearce, Salt Lake City