Letter: Build a wall around the Utah Legislature

(Rick Egan | Tribune file photo) New Senate President Stuart Adams conducts business in the Utah State Senate on the first day of the 2019 legislative session at the Utah State Capitol, on Monday, Jan. 28, 2019.

Saturday’s baffling edition informs us that 1) Utah has a $1 billion surplus. But that, 2) according to Matthew Weinstein’s commentary, Utah is failing to sustain school funding at anything other than falling levels.

Is this not self-destructive? Perhaps one solution is to follow the wisdom of the day, and build a wall. This wall would need to surround the Legislature impenetrably, particularly preventing money from flowing in or out, allowing those who understand corporate, organizational, family and school finance to gather, draw from and redistribute tax-generated funds fairly and appropriately.

Let the Legislature develop its own internal economy. Or not.

Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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