I have finally learned the secret to get our legislators to represent me.

Stupidly, I thought, as a constituent, that legislators would make decisions based on what we constituents have voted for or what we have told them was of importance by attending meetings, writing letters and making phone calls to their offices. I also thought that, as most of them are church members, their choices would be based on morality and doing what is in the interests of all.

Silly me.

The bill to allow EnergySolutions to bring depleted uranium (which becomes more dangerous over time) to Utah passed the House and is on its way to the Senate. Records state EnergySolutions donated around $44,000 to our Utah legislators.

Maybe, rather than write letters, we should begin GoFundMe accounts for things of importance: Clean air, no radioactive waste in Utah, stop the inland port or Increase usable public transport. The causes are endless. If we collected enough money, and donated it to our legislators, maybe then they’d listen.

Patricia Becnel, Ogden