Once again, someone in the Utah Legislature has taken on the burden of making an aesthetic decision for all of us. Richard Martin wants to adopt a new state flag that “virtually everybody likes,” and ram it through the Legislature, a body not known for competence in the arts.

I don’t recall a single campaign that touted a candidate’s sense of flag design. Some tips, Mr. Martin: If the flag has any type on it, that’s a red flag. And a beehive may not necessarily be “a necessary part of the flag.”

He makes a valid point that it shouldn’t be designed by committee. I propose a different sort of committee.

Make the flag design a contest, but allow a committee of six to make the decision. Two vexillologists, to make sure it fits the rigors of a good flag. Two historians/state experts, so it captures the Utah essence. And two graphic designers, to ensure that it looks good. If this committee comes to consensus, we’ll have a flag that will be worth waving.

This way, we can leave the Legislature to its strong suits, like decimating propositions that their constituents demanded.

Jim Hayes, Salt Lake City