I tried to understand why the Utah Legislature would eliminate automobile inspections on a yearly basis. I say this because of the many times over the years it was called to my attention that some corrective repairs were needed to keep my car safe for use.

At the end of the required inspection period, it was pointed out that my left wheel was about to fall off. I had had my wheel bearing replaced and the repairman had not replaced a pin to secure the bearing.

Of course I returned to the place that had made the repair and they corrected the mistake. Had that not happened, I would have been stuck in the mountains, since I was going hunting the next day.

I see in the news the accidents caused in snowy weather by bald tires. I see burned-out headlights and other essential signal lights not operating, and I can only guess the state of some brake systems.

I think the Legislature should rethink the inspection program and, for the safety of all, restore the program.

Harry W. Patrick, Salt Lake City