Some pickup truck drivers are waging a war against hybrid/electric vehicles drivers. In addition to “rolling coal” on Teslas, Leafs, etc., these champions of the soon-to-be-extinct internal combustion engine are parking and blocking public EV chargers.

I encountered a duo of dolts doing this recently as they parked their large Ford pickup at a well-marked EV charger on 300 South in Salt Lake City.

“Electric vehicle parking only — must be charging,” the sign proclaimed. But the trucker-hat-wearing man-children decided they were going to, to, well, I’m not really sure what these fools were trying to accomplish by blocking an EV charger. Prevent cleaner air?

Dudes, look around. The air quality in Salt Lake is horrendous, and you’re trying to make it worse? As the pair were leaving, I pointed out that they were parked at an EV spot. They shrugged their shoulders and made rude hand gestures. I made a finger gesture.

The driver then rolled down his window, pumped his fist and shouted, “Go Trump!”


Truckers, you benefit from people driving EVs. They produce less pollution. Stop blocking chargers and acting like petulant children. EVs are the future. Best get used to it.

Deedra Hansen Lambert, Salt Lake City