Letter: How will new DUI law affect drinking at home?

In this Dec. 20, 2018, photo, Maude Romney, 29, right, drinks at the Beer Hive Pub, in Salt Lake City. The United States' lowest DUI threshold takes effect this weekend in Utah. Stopping for a whiskey after work with her sister at the upscale pub Beerhive, Maude Romney, 29, said she'll likely only go to places she can walk to from her home downtown. "I'm paranoid about it already," she said. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The Utah Legislature will be meeting this month, and 88 percent of lawmakers will be voting to do whatever the LDS lobbyists tells them.

The new DUI law should discourage people from stopping at a bar after work and having a couple of metered alcohol drinks and instead encourage them to stop at the state-controlled liquor store and buy larger quantities to take home and free pour.

Even though the majority of the alcohol related accidents involved drivers with BAC 0.15, three times the legal limit, these types will not change habits, drinking or driving. The otherwise casual drinker will be the one consuming more at home.

I wonder if anyone will be keeping data on domestic violence, suicides and accidental deaths related to an increase of in house drinking.

Legislators will be competing to receive stars on their foreheads from the church lobbyist for ensuring that if a majority of people should vote in favor of a proposition the church is against, they shall and will hold a special legislative session to change it for the good of the people.

It will be interesting to see how they will deal with the 3.2 beer dilemma. How will they profit and control?

Danny Zagarich, Sandy

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