For years a girl declines, victim to the damage earthquakes cause the infrastructure in her brain and body from seizures. The father cuddles her and begs for medicine that can help. Deaf legislators fail to hear the agony. Voters see the pain, rally, and Proposition 2 passes.

In the Nov. 11 Tribune, George Pyle defends the “political power play” that followed, “understanding” voter frustrations when “state officials clearly in league with the LDS Church sweep it aside.” He wants liberal “freedom of speech” given to the church, enabling it to expend greater political influence, to prevent errant “rank and file members” from voting “against their own leadership.”

Sir, you are promoting a theocracy in a country that values freedom.

Churches are welcome to take a moral stance on using cannabis. A theocracy uses manipulation and threats of religious/eternal discipline to gain compliance for commandments (and votes).

You are welcome to live in such righteous dominion in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Iran. But this is America, where votes of the people not only count, but are vital to balancing power.

I believe this is a medical issue, best left to doctors and patients, not to be paraded in the humiliating, condemning world of politics.

Barbra Moeller, Midvale