The horrific murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi by Saudi assassins was met with little more than a shrug by the sitting president of the United States. In a nauseating response to this barbaric crime, Donald Trump insisted, “We stand with Saudi Arabia,” and proceeded to thank the Saudis for lower oil prices.

What is equally chilling to me is the apparent acquiescence of elected officials to the brazen murder of an American resident. Where is the unison howling outrage of Mitch McConnell and all our elected representatives?

It has become clear that the current administration and its leadership have bartered away decency for the possibility of financial gain. If the dismemberment of an innocent American resident does not prompt Congress to act decisively, what hope do we have? There must be more than a craven, lukewarm response to the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

Americans are watching, and waiting for the next election cycle.

Alice Aeschbacher, Salt Lake City