The death of Maj./Mayor Brent Taylor is so wrong! It raises the question: What the heck are we doing sending our soldiers to far-away lands to help fight in local civil wars that have been going on for centuries?

That is not the role of the Utah National Guard to begin with. They exist to defend our own borders should we be attacked by foreign forces. And our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is merely fomenting more hatred toward the USA.

Our national military budget is two-thirds of a trillion dollars a year, and we are not even at war with anyone … except terrorists. We can't afford that! And we can't afford to have good men like Maj. Taylor dying for questionable political purposes.

We have soldiers stationed all over the globe, in places where we have no business whatsoever. It's time to bring ALL our troops home and start preparing for the possibility of future attacks on American soil. We call on our politicians to change this whole twisted situation now!

Capt. Jim Green, Heber City