If you haven't voted yet, especially if you're a senior, rely on Social Security and Medicare, and are in the habit of voting for whoever has an "R" by their name, please consider this: The current Republican-controlled Congress has promised to cut your earned benefits if they retain power after Tuesday's election.

Congressional Republican leadership claims that the increasing deficit they created with massive tax cuts for the very rich can only be fixed by cutting Social Security and Medicare. And Utah's Republican senators and representatives always vote with Republican leadership.

They voted for tax cuts for the rich; they have voted over and over to end ACA health care protections like coverage for pre-existing conditions. They will vote to gut the Social Security and Medicare benefits you've paid into your entire working life.

So please, just this once, demand that Congress respect regular Americans' lives, needs and voices. Vote Democrat or United Utah Party, and protect your Social Security, Medicare and health care protections for all.

Stephanie Asplund, Layton