Though I tire of the toxic banter that has permeated American politics, I felt it appropriate to respond to the Oct. 23 letter "Say no to Democrats.

As inept as I've felt the Democratic Party has become, I'm not yet ready to refer to it as the "liars club.” Republican politicians, within their third consecutive presidential administration, have implemented a series of "tax cuts" that has had, and probably will have again, dire consequences for this nation's economy.

To address this inevitable further deficit, they have admitted they will utilize their personal "piggy bank," the "entitlements" of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — all Democratic initiatives from decades past — to pay for their own ineptitude.

So, while I respect your position regarding Democratic politicians, C. Gene Sturzenegger, it won't be them who will have you looking over your shoulder in fear of losing your "entitlements" as you now know them.

Gary D. Ruiz, Murray