Commonalities between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump: Neither won a popular election and both share authoritarianism, racism and dehumanizing language.

Deeds against humanity: persecution of Jews (Hitler), child detention centers and separation of families (Trump). Trump tolerates modern Nazi groups, epitomizing this by his “blame on both sides” comment during the Charlottesville demonstrations.

Trump’s demonizing of a free news media is dangerous. His disdain for facts and his disregard of science and knowledge are appaling. Trump caters to unhappy demographic voters, as did Hitler.

Germany’s Weimar Constitution toppled and Hitler established a totalitarian state.

Thankfully, our Constitution is based on a system of checks and balances that Trump disregards. For example, he tried to influence criminal investigations and undermines law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Trump’s governance by “executive orders” subverts normal legislative processes of governance disorienting the opposition.

The Democrats are not without blame: For years they failed to acknowledge the degradation of jobs and lives for many, sending them to elect a demagogue who packs the pockets of the rich, including his own.

The GOP and Trump want to remain in total power to save Trump’s agenda and prevent potential impeachment.

Go vote and save our democracy and standing in the world!

Maria Roberts, Park City