Why did Rep. Chris Stewart and Rep. Mia Love, in debates with their respective opponents, Shireen Ghorbani and Ben McAdams, cite coverage of pre-existing conditions as a major benefit of the Republican health care reform plan?

First, don't they don't know the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) already demands coverage for pre-existing conditions? And, second, don't they know that Utah is one of 20 states filing suit in the federal district court of Texas attempting to accomplish in front of a judge, with Texas v. Azar, what Republican lawmakers failed to do at least 70 times in Congress: disappear the ACA and its vital protections for consumers — one of which is coverage for people with pre-existing conditions?

If Stewart and Love don't know either of these two things, they're not qualified to represent Utah. If they do know these two things, they're not trustworthy enough to represent Utah. Either way, neither deserves our vote.

Bunnie Keen, Salt Lake City