Letter: Why keep an exotic animal at an amusement park?

A little Siberian tiger hisses in the outdoor enclosure at the Animal Park Hagenbeck, in Hamburg, Germany, Thursday Oct. 12, 2017. Four Siberian tigers were born in the Animal Park on June 15, 2017. (Christian Charisius/dpa via AP)

I am 12 years old. I went to Lagoon yesterday, and something that I saw there made me very sad. I saw a zoo with a Siberian tiger inside it. I tried to continue having fun for the rest of the day, but all I wanted to do was to contact someone and try to free this animal or, better yet, to prevent other animals from having to live such a sad life.
Another thing that bothered me was that I saw no one stop and even look at this exotic animal. So I asked myself what the point of putting this animal into captivity really was. Was it to entertain kids? Personally, this tiger didn't entertain me at all. In fact, it did the exact opposite.
What is the purpose for animals at a place where people go to ride roller coasters?
Zoos often keep animals for educational purposes or to conserve animal populations. But, at an amusement park, the purpose is solely for entertainment.

I write this letter to try to inform Utahns about these unfair living conditions for this amazing animal. I hope that people will read this letter with a desire to help and spread word of this tiger.
George Frech, Salt Lake City
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