I was born in Boston and raised in Utah. I like apple pie and cold Pabst beer. I employ 20-25 people depending on the day. I am as American as they come. But according to what I am hearing from the president, I am now the enemy of America.

Just because I feel we shouldn’t permanently separate children from their parents and I’m not going into hysterics over migrants approaching the border doesn’t mean I want open borders. Just because I want to elect representatives who will acknowledge and work with our international neighbors to fight climate change and other global challenges doesn’t make me a “globalist” or whatever the president is calling me these days.

I am as American as can be, and I’m proud of that, but I am not a nationalist. As Albert Einstein said, “Nationalism is an infantile disease.”

If members of the GOP do not take a stand against the president attacking fellow Americans under the guise of nationalism, their legacy is going to be one of rank corruption and blind allegiance to a tiny man so frightened of truth that he had to rip America asunder to maintain power.

Dylan Brunjes, Holladay