Letter: A healthy economy needs a demand side, too

(Richard Drew | The Associated Press) In this April 5, 2018, file photo, an NYSE logo adorns the entrance to the trading floor the New York Stock Exchange. Never has it been so cheap to put money into the market, and it’s about to get even cheaper following Vanguard’s recent decision to end online commissions for most ETFs.

It seems as though the Republicans think there is only one side, the supply side. There is never any help given to the demand side. Without both sides working, the American economy will never flourish.

Since the actions by people like Ronald Reagan and Orrin Hatch to destroy unions, thereby destroying the middle class, there is no bargaining with big business for fair wages and benefits such as health insurance. The wages have stagnated and the benefits have been forfeited.

Paul Walters, West Jordan

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