Letter: Vote against the lack of leadership in Congress and the White House

(Manuel Balce Ceneta | The Associated Press) President Donald Trump gestures as he leaves the White House in Washington, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. Trump is traveling to rally in Montana, Arizona and Nevada.

Basic characteristics of good leadership are the ability to provide reliable fact-based information and to serve as a unifying example for all constituents.

Currently, we have a national leader who believes journalists are the enemy of the people, does not acknowledge basic tenets of science, resorts to hurling grade-school-level insults to any who dare question his contradictory statements and places profits for the arms industry above the most basic of human rights.

Canada is an enemy. North Korea and Putin serve as our new allies. Tax fraud, business corruption — obvious alternative facts. Remove environmental safeguards, separate children from their families, lose credibility on the world stage. No problem. There is money to be made for the 1 percent.

In the next election, please vote. But make an effort to vote for candidates who strive to work toward what is best for the entire nation and not the privileged few. It is time we counter the absence of political leadership in Congress and the increasing lack of moral authority in our president.

Fred Gottlieb, Holladay

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