I try to avoid political statements, but this Kavanaugh farce has to end.

As Sen. Jeff Flake stood up and courageously said, this is tearing the country apart. We all need to pause and reflect.

It's no longer about "advice and consent." It's no longer about the qualifications and the character required to be one of nine Supreme Court justices. It's no longer about an open and honest examination needed for the most important job interview in the United States.

It's about straight-up power politics. The norms, our supposedly cherished values, the democratic discourse be damned! “We” are going to win, no matter what. “We” meaning me and my self-serving compadres. Not the rest of us. Certainly not for the good of us all.

They want to vote now, before they even read what the FBI has to report. Have we really sunk that far?

Sadly, I think it's gotten far worse than that.

How can we collectively find our way back from this hole we've dug?

Brad Rouillard, Salt Lake City