Are you as tired as I am of drivers ignoring the red lights on traffic signals at intersections? You have the green light to proceed but, before you can, three more cars make left turns in front of you, obviously ignoring the red light facing them at the intersection.

You inadvertently enter the intersection on a yellow traffic signal. You glance in your rearview mirror and notice four cars follow you through, several on the red traffic light. These drivers are making a dangerous traffic point even more dangerous.

What to do about it? Install automated red light cameras that take a photo of the lawbreaker and send a traffic ticket to him in the mail.

Automatic cameras can also be used to take photos of drivers exceeding the speed limit on streets. Send a traffic ticket to the driver.

Let’s make the job of police a little safer. The most dangerous thing the police do is stopping drivers for traffic violations. Let’s stop the “catch me if you can” attitude of many drivers. This will happen if they are photographed ignoring traffic signals or speeding.

I believe that the system will pay for itself through ticketing fines. The citation will also be noted on the driver’s driving record and his insurance rates will skyrocket.

Let’s make our streets safer by ticketing those drivers that insist on making the streets more dangerous.

Stuart Young, Sandy