If Christine Ford careened from anger to weeping in her opening statement — as did Judge Brett Kavanaugh — she would have been dismissed immediately as a hysterical female. Instead, though nervous, she was impeccably sincere, did her best to answer fully and respectfully to senators of both political parties. She was calm – even though she may have struggled for control at the most emotional moments of her testimony.

Kavanaugh not only screamed and cried during his opening statement, he was openly partisan, referring to the tribal conspiracy theories of “them vs us” that are dividing and destroying this nation — even referring randomly to the Clintons, as if they were somehow part of this mess. He was rude and gratuitously attacked every Democratic senator who questioned him.

I guess that is what Trump Republicans today believe is what passes as “a strong man.”

Let’s try to get more people on the Supreme Court with the character of Ford — and no one on the court with the character of Kavanaugh.

Judy Zone, Salt Lake City