During a family dinner conversation, my husband posed to my 18-year-old son, “If [Brett] Kavanaugh had been involved in a sexual assault when he was only 17 and had he been found guilty, his record would have been expunged when he turned 18. Is it fair to hold someone accountable for something they did when they were so young?”

My son responded, "When I was in fourth grade some kids asked me to be part of a petty theft group at school. I knew that it would hurt people so I told them no. If Kavanaugh did it, he was old enough to know he was hurting her. I don't want that kind of person deciding how we will interpret laws. He doesn't feel the pain of other people. It shows a lack of character."

Young men do stupid things that they regret as adults. If Judge Brett Kavanaugh did it, he should tell us he regrets it before a committee finds him guilty.

I’d like our Utah senators (Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch) to demonstrate some character and an ability to feel for others by launching a full investigation of Kavanaugh long before they put him on the bench.

Lori Shields, Salt Lake City